Internet, as a form of technological advancement, is just one way how different people in different places get connected. This is the same way how internet enables embodied social interaction among and between musicians, fans, and other participants in indie music.

One classic example we can cite are music writers. As expected, they find themselves targeted by local bands seeking publicity and these peeps can easily find them online. Basically, they send MySpace friend requests, chat, ask for promos and eventually send invites to their shows.

All kinds of music scene participants maximize this extremely useful technology to have and increase their face-to-face opportunities with fellow musicians and enthusiasts. Craiglist, another online resource tool, is one of the proven and tested ways for musicians to hook up with each other in a certain locality.

Another example, as very common in two cities now—DC and Boston, is ONLINE FORUMS. iT became an avenue where discussions were centered on all aspects of local music scene, thus provides, a moderately incestuous pool for band-member swaps, opportunities for inter-band networking and cross promotion. There are times you can see, “so, which shows is everybody going to tonight” form, wherein you can track who’s coming or not in particular music show.

This phenomenon is also observed to be one way to encourage physical meet ups. They tend to turn their virtual interactions into face-to-face circumstances. Also, internet is largely useful for creating and maintaining contacts in music scenes that are also face-to-face connections should not be surprising to those familiar with the research on local internet networks.

One beauty of online interactions is seen how relationships in local music scenes are built online. It was observed that it would be more easy and comfortable for many to first “meet” online rather than in the physical spaces of scenes, like clubs and record stores. This set up helped eliminates the common barriers such as, awkwardness of approaching strangers in public, the uncertainty that people in these places share one’s interests, the possibly diminishing number of certain kinds of sites like record stores and the background noise of clubs.

But looking deeply on how all these things work, it will simply bring us to one conclusion that is to affirm that social interaction is possible online among music scene participants regardless of what roots they originated or what genre they belong, simply because they are bonded by their love for music. Magically transcends all barriers, to all nations, to each and every individual hearts who loves music.


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  1. Dembow January 20, 2012 at 3:19 pm

    The internet is the key to everything 🙂 Dembow Dominicano

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