In our previous posts, we have given several online sites where independent artists can give their songs, music and even demos to have their chance to be heard by music labels and producers. And again, here’s another list that you might want to check and explore what opportunities it has in store for you.

So waste no time and go ahead and check these sites.

Songs With Vision

To submit your songs you must pay a fee because they give critiques and feedbacks to every submissions even if they don’t accept it. The company will have you sign a non exclusive co-publishing agreement once they have chosen your material. They earn by getting half of the publisher’s share of royalties and fees, on the other hand, writer’s share and half of the publisher’s share. The company offers its catalog of music to its contacts in the film and TV industries.

The Sync Agency

It does not have a specific submission procedure. As its name suggests, they work specifically with ad agencies and they exists to help ad agencies to find the music they are looking for and this what makes them different from most music-licensing companies that does not represent any specific artists or catalog. Most of its music placements are with firms in Europe, the company also pitches a lot of American music.


They provide placements to projects listings offered by film and TV music supervisors, production-music libraries, ad agencies and even video game manufacturers. is the pioneer in the indie artist/music licensing field. Even though TAXI requires a yearly fee, one good thing is they don’t take any of the publishing-related income.


You can have a good deal with this company because anyone can join and upload their music for free and you are allowed to upload up to 10 songs. They retains only nine percent of any licensing fees and the payment is done directly between seller and licensee via PayPal.

They specialize in licensing for small-scale uses such as corporate DVDs and software, webisodes, indie/ documentary films, and art clips. Music supervisors can browse the online music database, which includes metadata such as genre, style, and mood.

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