Undeniably, Michael Jackson was able to make his mark to the local music industry and has proven that he can also conquer the world with his millions record sales around the globe.

Epic executives strongly believed that there is a huge sales in their project with Jones and Jackson and that’s the reason they are very eager to release the “Thriller”, Jackson’s next album, on Christmas 1982. But after deliberations, Jones and Jackson decided to delay the release on January 1983.

For the said reason, label’s hand was forced to leak multiple cuts to radio and stations. Unexpectedly, they put songs in heavy rotations which left the Epic records to rush-release it on Nov. 30, 1982.

Since then, Epic senior VP/GM Don Dempsey held a series of meetings with several department heads, including international executives. They wanted to have a simultaneous worldwide launch instead of the staggering a usual release, they knew it will be a success since “Off the Wall” had a global success.

During that time, dollar is weak and the traditional way for exporters is to buy an album at U.S. prices, ship it over [to Europe] or in local offices and this could hurt badly on an international hit.

Also during this time, imports and exports were an issue before but according to the exporters, never to the in this case, since he was the first international superstar on that level.

When they were assured that they could get manufacturing plants around the world makes them decide to had a simultaneous worldwide launch. And after that, it has been the practice with the next albums.

On December 25, 1982, “Thriller” entered Billboard 200 at No. 11. After 10 weeks on the chart, it knocked Men at Work’s “Business as Usual” out of the top spot and stayed at No. 1 for 37 nonconsecutive weeks.

The first single, “The Girl Is Mine,” reached No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100, concurrently, Epic’s head of promotion, Frank Dileo, decided to release two singles in order to broaden the album’s audience.

As expected, “Billie Jean”, the second single also climbed the pop chart and followed by “Beat It”As weeks passed crowd’s reaction was fantastic.

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