In our earlier articles, we have given you several sites that an independent artist or music writers or group or bands can explore in order to have a placement across digital media platforms. These sites offer some of the largest production music libraries on the net.

Phantom 4 Music

Good news for those who share their music online because this Canadian company initially listen to new music online like those that are posted in MySpace profile. Their representatives are the one who listens and if your song was chosen, they will ask you to email MP3 files of the song. They offer its writers even split of royalties for songs that will be placed on movies, TV shows and commercials and even in movies.

Pump Audio

The pride themselves to have the largest production music library—with about 80,000 song placements per year. What they assure is once your music is accepted tor its catalog it will have a high chance of getting placed. They had licensed music in more than 20 countries for TV commercials and shows, in advertisements, and for use on websites and radio. Past clients include MTV, VHl, Oprah, Nike, A&Ii, and NBC.

Pump Audio offers nonexclusive contracts to writers it’s interested in working with. Eventhough the company earns the 65 percent of licensing fees and pays half of the publisher’s share of performance royalties your Performing Rights Organization (PRO) pays all of the writer’s share directly to you.


Here, you can submit your music online free of charge. You also have the option to mail your CD. The company has partnerships with companies such as Microsoft and Nike that are based in the Northwest. They offer its songwriters a nonexclusive contract with a one-year term wherein writers can get all performance royalties collected for their music. They have been pacing music for ads and training videos, although it also does quite a bit of licensing to content creators on YouTube.

Song Street Records

The company offers exclusive deals only to writers they are interested in. If you want to try your luck in this company all you have to do is to upload MP3 format of your music to their website and after 30 days, they will contact you, as mentioned earlier if your music interests them. They retains half of the money earned from music placements.

The company offers exclusive deals to writers it is interested in, and it retains half of the money earned by music placements. It pays your royalties in the quarter following their collection.

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