There’s always new wave of plug-ins created and available for everyone offered by MeldaProduction. Included in the list is multiband offerings with multiband architecture and modulation option.

This time we will examine , MMultiBandFreqShifter, a multiband frequency shifter.

Common knowledge is that frequency shifting and pitch shifting is basically the same thing, but in fact they’re pretty different. When you move all frequencies by an equal amount, it is frequency shifting and pitchshifting, on the other hand, if it maintains the harmonic relationship between frequencies.

What makes it different with other MeldaProduction multiband jobs is its latest features which allows up to six adjustable bands; analogue, digital or hybrid crossover filters; fully automatable parameters with four global modulators; host synchronisation with a comprehensive set of beat divisions; mono, stereo or eight-channel surround processing; and up to 4x up-sampling for higher-quality output at the expensive of an increased CPU hit.

All the thrill happens on the central window because this enable you to process each part of the frequency spectrum in a different way. There you will find per-band parameters: Shift (+/-10kHz); Width (+/-200%); Delay time (0_1000ms); Feedback; Character (quality) of frequency shifting (Clean, Soft, Rough and Ugly); and Dry/Wet mix.

In the GUI, there are useful functions that you can explore, like in the top bar of the central window is the highly useful Link button: when engaged, this causes parameter changes to be mirrored by other linked bands. It also allows you to removes extremely high and low frequencies, which can induce aliasing artifacts when shifted, also known as Pre-filtering. Copy and Paste functions are also available to achieve the same thing manually.

If you are looking for a tool that will help you out in producing a huge variety of different effects, from detuning, stereo expansion and chorusing through to adding harsh metallic resonances, dubby tape-style delays and full-on Doppler-like frequency shifts, MMultiBandFreqShifter is capable of the above mentioned effects.

What else it offers is to let you practically do any audio source you can think of – drums, bass, leads, pads and FX . You can go real-time, or go deeper by setting up complex modulation routings via the highly adaptable LFOs and multiparameter options by just moving its parameters. You can even morph between up to four ‘states’, which opens up a whole world of sound design possibilities.

It’s a total package for music fanatic like you.

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