For recording artists, representation, such as manager or a lawyer is their important partner all throughout their journey towards success in the music industry. But when it comes to Hip Hop Beatmakers/producers, it doesn’t go the same way rather representation is a totally new identity. Simply because how Hip Hop beat maker/producer makes business is not similar to a typical recording artist.

Basically, Hip Hop beat makers/producers creates beats for recording artists to write and perform to and doesn’t care anymore if their persona or image can be seen in the public eye or if they will be credited for their work. Their primary concern is to be able to pair their beats with any recording artists who might be in need of their music. Unlike recording artists, who sell their image to the public just as much as they do their music.

In this kind of process, beatmakers/producers are not secured so this is one of the reasons why they need to have a representation. They need someone who can look for opportunities for possible music placements for them especially in the early parts of their career where they have to deal with the compositional method of hip hop-rap beat making/production.

Hip hop beatmaking/production is a very complicated and tough expertise that is usually managed in a reclusive manner.  It is this solitary dimension to beatmaking/production that prompts the need for representation.

Also, beatmakers/producers need someone to take care of the sale of their beats or beat brokers. With the music-matching process of the beat-selling world today, they must understand that it’s absolutely crucial to his chances of landing the much sought after placement with a very high number of competitors. 

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