Initially, you don’t need much money to get started. If you have a good computer and some good music production software you’re ready to get it on.

As a new producer, we have to assess what you can buy and what is necessary to cut off the cost. You can even start without giving out any money if you already have a few necessities already lying around.

What Do I Need to start producing music?

These are some of the things you’ll need to start producing Trance music.

A PC or other computer
it’s advisable to have a new one because you will be using the modern software synthesizers, which will occupy lot of CPU power and even more of your RAM. So make sure your computer is running pretty well, equipped and ready to do more tasks.

The DAW (Digital Audio Workstation)
It is recommended that you use Fruity Loops which is perfect for getting in to things quick and easy and definitely with good results. It’s not for free so you have to pay for it. Good thing is it comes with some great built-in synthesizers and additional sample packs and synths you can explore on.

Not okay with Fruity loops? You can use Cockos Reaper. It can be downloaded for free at ( You just have to look for free downloads of synths. First, check out how you can get free materials before you start spending too much money on applications.

Sound Card
All PC or laptop has built-in sound card but these aren’t good. You have the option to use the sound card that came with your PC or laptop but it is highly recommended that you upgrade it to a dedicated music production sound card which are designed work hard and effectively.

MIDI Keyboard
Since most of DAWs have an on-screen piano roll where you can draw in your own notes, a MIDI keyboard is not a necessity. However, it can help you find and play amazing chord progression and melodies easily. Also, everything you do in MIDI can be easily edited since it’s all in MIDI and not an actual sound recording.

Additional Extras
You can keep going with headphones, microphones, mixing desks and DJ equipment but none of this is necessary until you really get into things. Once you know you are progressing well and you know music production is an area you are going to be spending time in then you can fork out for the things that make your life easier and your sound more professional. But this can cost fair amount of money if you don’t shop around or know what you are buying.

When you’re into the things already and know that you are progressing well and discovered that you will really spend time in music production, you can start with additional extra equipments like with headphones, microphones, mixing desks and DJ equipments and alike. Know the things you have to buy, remember, it will cost you fair enough of money but it will make your life easier and your sound more professional.

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  1. Beth Allen April 5, 2011 at 10:08 am

    Hey Wes! While I’m not into music production myself, I have lots of friends who are so your blog here will be a great resource to pass along. I’m a fan of trance ~ having just moved from San Francisco where I was in the Burning Man scene and hung around a lot of phenomenal Trance dj’s. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and resources! 🙂

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