The Waves Audio company, is set to release an aphex aural exicter which will enhance the original sounds of the Aphex two tube units. This plugin will be bring back that popular dirty and warm guitar sound that is so familar to what we are familar with in the late seventies.

This plug will emulate the sounds that were created out of those amps during that time period, the major advantage is that you are dealing with software and not 40 year old hardware would be hard to replicate and replace.

The Aural Exciter has traveled from nmerous sutdios as a rental unit and there has been a higher demand to pull get this unit. Waves have seen the opportunity and hoped on it. After renting the unit themselves, to understand the dynamics and functionality of unit, they were able to recreate it digitally.

This plugin will prove to be a unique plugin that will not be used by everyone, but those rock and classic rock enthusiasts will be excited to get there hands on this plug in. The Aural exciter was used on seventies albums like Linda Ronstadt and James Taylor.

This plugin will be available soon. If you would like more information please visit the Waves website.

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