With the dawn of the internet aspiring bands were given a chance to showcase their music and their own music videos. However since a lot of bands are doing this to promote their music and videos they are competing with each while also competing with those already topping the hit charts.

So how can your music video be notice and go viral?

Here are 10 tips for you.

1. Make the Video its own Entity

“The goal is to create a video that enhances the song and can stand on its own, a video that people are not only going to want to watch again, but want to show someone else,” says Kina Grannis, a Youtube phenomenon who has garnered her share of fame via web video.

It is important that your video have its own pull for the audience. It should stir curiosity and interest to make them want to watch it again.

2. Try a Cover Song

You have a  band and you want to introduce your own music and sound, but since people does not yet know you and your music, even if it is 50 times better than those already out there, people will not listen to you.

The trick is for you to pay homage to already popular music by making your own cover of it.

“As far as how the group has reached a worldwide audience, the majority of credit goes to Tori Amos and gossip blogger Perez Hilton,” says Gregg Breinberg, the director of the kids’ chorus. “After posting a plethora of Tori Amos covers, her management contacted me back in 2007 to arrange a meeting. The kids sang for her, then with her, and after we posted the videos of the collaboration, Perez Hilton posted the performance on his blog. Ever since, he’s kept up with the kids, and continues to post their performances regularly.”

3. Be patient

“Things did not happen for PS22 overnight,” says Breinberg. “Over the course of five years, the kids continue to gain new fans and a wider audience. PS22 brings a consistent offering of music/videos that appeal to a wide demographic. That helps too.”

Translation: Just as you’re not going to get a record deal after one gig, your first video may not blow up. Hey, if a bunch of kids can be patient, so can you.

4. Rehearse – A lot

Your music may be goo but with continuous practice, changing, improving it can be better.

“This may not be true for everyone, but we’ve found that most of our ideas, at minimum, take a week and often times months of rehearsal before we feel like we’ve got something good,” says OK Go’s Tim Nordwind.

5. Remember Fun? Have it

“When thinking about making videos, we ask ourselves, what would be fun to do for a few weeks?” says Nordwind. “That’s where our ideas stem from; dancing with dogs, making a Rube Goldberg machine, a dance with time, performing with a marching band, they all just seemed like fun things to try to create.”

Generally, if you’re having fun, people will have fun watching you. Unless you have wholly different ideas of recreation than the rest of the population.

6. Be Frugal

“Make sure your budget is $0, so you don’t mind when your video doesn’t go viral,” advises Andrew Gregory, of Auto-Tune the News fame.

Keep in mind that you don’t to spend too much on the video, be creative and resourceful is one key for a good video.

7. Create something the your Audience can relate.

Everyone does not have an outlet to express themselves but rest assured that everyone has an almost the same experience. Being empathetic is an integral component of shareability. Make your audience relate to what your music is saying by givng them a familiar pictures or scenarios that they personally know.

8. Know your Audience.

You need to know your audience, their wants most especially and what appeals to them. With this you know what concept to do and how to do it so it will be more interesting to your viewers.

9. Remember your Song should be Good

It is the important part of creating a music video, make sure you have good music to listen to. You may have a rocking video with all those interesting acts but you song sucks it still won’t sell.

10. And then there’s always CATS

The Internet loves cats. If you’ve got ‘em, flaunt ‘em. That’s part of the reason why Holy F**k’s song, “Red Lights,” spread around the web so quickly. Still, it’s not like the band set out to cash in on kitties. “If we would’ve known how trendy cats would’ve become online, we probably wouldn’t have made the video. [But] I’m glad we went ahead with the video,” says Holy F**k’s Brian Borcherdt, who directed the video as well.

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  1. Irene Pereira May 12, 2011 at 7:20 am

    Hi John
    Very good points to consider if one is interested in going viral with their music, video etc. I am not in this industry but I suppose your 10 points given can also be applied to individual trying to promote themselves or for their business.
    Being creative, knowing your target audience, being different and having the ability to capture people’s attention and having them wanting to come back to visit you is all that one is aiming for therefore using your tips above might be an advantage. Thanks

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