Talking about producers, Timothy Zachery Mosley better known as Timabaland or Timbo was one of the most popular producers today.

Timothy Zachery Mosley was born on March 10, 1971 in Virginia Beach, Virginia. He was raised and graduated from Salem High School. Mosley began making hip hop backing tracks on a keyboard as a DJ known as DJ Timmy Tim or DJ Tiny Tim. While in high school he began collaboration with his friends who is rapper, like Melvin Barcliff, who performed under the name of Magoo. Mosley is also friends with Terrence and Gene Thorton, who is also known as Pusha T. and Malice of the group Clipse.

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In 1986, Mosley spent 9 months of his time in learning how to deejay using his left hand, because he was shot during a robbery and was partially paralyzed.
Missy Elliott a rapper and singer began working with Mosley when she heard the materials of him. She and her R&B group Sista auditioned for DeVante Swing, a producer and member of the successful R&B act Jodeci. Elliott brought Mosley and Barcliff along with her to New York, where Swing Mob was based. Jodeci, member of DeVante renamed the young producer Timbaland, after Timberland construction boots.

His production has helped create career-defining hits for artists such as Jodeci, Aaliyah, Ginuwine, Missy Elliott, Destiny’s Child, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg and Jay-Z, among many others. Most of all music that he produced has become successful. Timbaland also collaborating with fellow producer like Scott Storch, and he also released album featuring artists including 50 Cent, Dr. Dre, Elton John, Fall Out Boy, Nelly Furtado, Missy Elliot and others. Timbaland, whose musical influences cross cultural lines, has also been sought by diverse superstars whose music similarly knows no boundaries, from pop star Justin Timberlake to avant-singer Bjork.

Timbaland, built a private studio in Virginia Beach, it was managed by Garland Mosley the younger brother of Timbaland , and Brian Byrd. It has been created in about 5,000 sq. ft. two story industrial park building. It is two-studio recording and post production facility, and continues the growth of the Virginia Beach music community. He produces most of his music at his own studio and where he heads his own label (Mosley Music Group).

Timbaland has created a trademark innovative sound that crosses cultural lines and has defined a new wave of music–R&B and hip-hop mixed with eclectic effects held together by complex syncopated beats. Timbaland’s trademark sound has made a lot of poser’s but he was always remained original. The innovator of sound say’s “You can accomplish anything you put your mind to if you stay persistent and disciplined,” explains the driven and dedicated Timbaland.

Today, It has just been confirmed that Timbaland has a song featured in the upcoming DJ Hero 2 game, due later this year.

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