As what they say if you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday.  Knowing history will make us understand and appreciate more of what we have.  When you hear hip-hop what comes first in your mind? Do you have a clear picture of what hip-hop really is?  Have you ever wonder where it came from?  We can better appreciate hip-hop if we know its beginning and how they started.

Hip-hop was in its infancy during the 1970s in Bronx, New York’s block parties.  These parties are very similar to parties in Jamaica, earthshaking and costly sound system.  They share it with in their community or utilize it to compete with each other, that’s when they started talking or chanting over a beat or rhythm.  Then DJ and MC began rap music in their competition that started the history of hip-hop.

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Sugarhill Gang a hip hop crew recorded and released what is considered the first hip hop releases the “Rappers Delight”.  “King Tim III” by Fatback band and “Groovy ghost show” by Casper are also considered to be the first because they have rap in their song and was made before “Rappers Delight”.

But the word hip-hop is popularly known to be first used by Keith Cowboy a rapper with Grandmaster Flash and Furious Five.  During that period hip-hop was popularly known as disco rap, then Cowboy started improvising melodies and rhythm using the words “hip/hop/hip/hop/” while teasing his friend who joined the US army.  He uses hip-hop as a way of mimicking the rhythmic beat of marching soldier.   Then Keith Cowboy later developed and on the hip-hop beat in his stage performance, then was adapted and used by other artist like the Sugarhill Gang.

The history of hip hop is divided in two eras, the Old School Era that started in 1970 up to 1985 and the Golden Stage era started immediately after the old school from 1985 to 1993.

Old School Era

The old school era was mostly dominated by like represented by people like The Treacherous Three, Afrika Bambaataa, Fab 5 Freddy, Fat Boys, Grandmaster Flash and many others.  This is also the start of the spread in the US and other countries. It becomes a music scene to a lot of countries.  This is when it started to expand not just in music, but also as a culture and lifestyle of many people.

Golden Stage

This era was known by its influence, innovation, quality and diversity.  A lot of artist experiment during this era, new artist makes their song shorter so it can be played more on radio.  Their songs are known for its social political subject. It also taunts and brags on the way they rap. Unlike in the old school which are influenced by funk and disco.  In the history of hip hop, they say this where the started.

But it hip hop is still alive and still very popular not just in music but also in other hip hop department like break dancing, art and fashion.  Hip hop has grown from being a simple music into a lifestyle and culture.

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