The Smeezingtons are not the latest punk bank to hit the streets, but rather a trio of singer/songwriters/producers. The group is comprised of Bruno Mars, Philip Lawrence, adn Ari Levine. The smeezingtons are responsible for bringing back the classic sounds of the motown era and earlier into modern mainstream music, and most of the artists they have worked with we featured performers on the 2011 Grammy Awards.

Their definitive sound has not only launched the careers of Cee Lo Green and Bruno Mars to international status, but has also created a trend of “back to the classics” attitude for music (with a modern twist).  They focus on making their music cross platform and easily recognizable.   By looking at all of the artist that these guys work with you can see a general trend and style associate with the type of music that they are creating.   

The trio have been long time friends, they work together as composers and songwriters with like minded artists to create that trademark and unique sound.  There collarbaorative concepts have proven to work well for the trio. The group is looked at as one of the fastest growing “up-and-coming” in the music production world.  The has been releasing a string of #1 hits over the past couple of years and has no plans of slowing down.    It will be exciting to see what else comes out of these guys throughout the year.

Artists The Smeezington’s have worked with:
Bruno Mars (obviously), Sugababes, B.o.B, Justin Bieber, Flo Rida, Kid Cudi, Travie McCoy and Cee Lo Green

Get connected with the Smeezingtons:

Official video of their 2011 Grammy nominations

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