One might want to think himself what this pro audio and chess have in common? Well, the obvious answer is nothing, but if you take a deeper look at these two topics Pro audio can be just like a game of chess. The player that plans well ahead is the player that will be victorious.

If you’re a sound technician you’re dealing with complex things all the time. You’ve got tons of equipment like your mixers, cables, microphones, patch cables, and musical equipment. If you take a strategic approach and think of your next album or live concert as your opponent you can quickly overcome the challenges that you can be faced with day in and day out.

The concept of thinking ahead greatly reduces your need for having to troubleshoot later on. Nothing is worse, then routing the wrong instrument to the wrong place on the mixer were wondering why nothing is coming out of the microphone. Sometimes a little planning can go a long way. This also enhances your ability to think easier on your feet and to save time.

You might want to think that all artists that are dealing with at the time. What are their needs? What are their time schedules? What do you need to track and how quickly do you need to do it? Do you have more than one vendor dealing with a short period of time? What are different about each of the artists that you might work with in person things that you can do the same to maximize your time and resourcefulness.

It is always good to have a backup plan, when things do not go the way that you wanted to. Do you have spare equipment handy for someone even borrowed from something goes wrong? Just answering a simple question like this can save you hours of trying to find a solution, and save the artist and the label money when you’re trying to resolve a quick problem. Sometimes the simplest things that can take up the most time. And the music producer or studio technician that people want to do business with will be the ones that can get things done actively and efficiently.

Having a good strategy to your art of recording music can help lead you to that “checkmate”, that every chess player loves to hear. Applying some basic planning and simple strategies can help you be more effective efficient and productive and help you be the best it can be in and out of the studio.

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