Pro Tools 9 has some big changes coming your way, they have really done a number on the organization of the system and usability. Here is a listing of all the new features for you to expect with the newest version of Pro Tools.

1.) Better control of your I/O. The new version on pro tools decided to rethink on how it handles inputs and outputs. They have taken a fresh, controlled and organized approach to how it handles the input, auxilary, bus inputs.

2.) Import and Exports into all Pro Tools Versions. You now have the capablity to import and export your files into all versions of Pro Tools 9.

3.) Editing Features. There are new editing features available in Pro Tools 9, which include a auto-scrolling feature in all mix and edit windows. There is also a new features tha have make the beat dettective even more powerful than before. You can also seperate multiple tracks and a new collection mode for editing.

4.) New Mixing/Recording Features. They have increased the number of tracks of both audio and midi tracks. They have simplified the singal routing and mix configuration with new track and send output commands. There are new standard pan depth options, and new 7.1 surround sound formats.

5.) Lets get in synch!Pro Tools 9 has new timebase rulers, and if that was not enough they included a second one for goo d measure. There is also the availbility to add timecode and frame rates. You can redefine the time code position. There are also pull up and pull down rates for video and audio.

6.) Better Preamp support. There are redefined setups for peripherals and I/O setup. They have also changed the views and the preamp window.

The biggest changes to overall is the newly redesigned ways that they handle the inputs and outputs as a whole. With the whole new designed way to handle I/O’s. Playing with the new features of Pro Tools 9, you will pleasantly happy with all of the new features and the more user friendly way to organize your I/O’s.

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