Using Autotune to have a perfect effect you want on your music is very easy because this software will let you correct vocals and instruments not even on hip hop like T-pains but also with rock and other genres.

Being use nowadays to enhance effects of vocals and instruments in music production, no wonder Autotune is one of the most popular pitch-correction software.

This tutorial will help you to have a T-pain effect on your musical recordings especially for electronic musicians.

However you need to understand that you need a Digital Audio Workstation first to be able to use because Autotune is a Virtual Studio Technology. You can use Ableton live 8 or other DAW for you to fully enjoy using Autotune.

Even if you have the worse singing voice the Vocorder allows you to pitch-correct it and enhance your voice pitch to a level you want.

The settings you need for a T-Pain effect are:

– Fast retune – you can change it in the retune speed in the lower left knob.

– Changing the Scale to Major along with the key, you can also use the Scale settings.

– Bring the Amplitude and the Formant setting to maximum.

– Change the Pitch Amount to zero, along with the Rate, Onset Delay, Variation and Onset Rate.

– On the Option, change the tracking to 65-75.

These are the recommended settings however you can experiment just like any musicians and change these to your own settings. Experimenting over the levels can actually make you more familiar with the environment of Autotune and can help you mix your own settings.

Although this software gains a lot of criticisms, it is still a best way for beginners to use for practicing in music production. Trial and error can be much of a use than a perfect software.


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