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Before I start writing a review of the Sonic Producer, I would like to mention that a genuine effort has been made to avoid any bias.

For decades, many aspiring music producers believed that music production carried an exorbitant cost. They had the right reasons in believing so. Technology was never as advanced as it is today. Doing things the traditional way meant hiring at least a bunch of people, such as a producer, an engineer and professional players of various instruments. The change in this belief, of a heavy price tag, is now possible with the arrival of technology as advanced as today’s.

It is now possible to produce music from the old, dusty computer of yours as music production can now be carried out using software; no additional hardware involved whatsoever! Sonic Producer is one of the many software available out there.

Like any other thing that we can think of, Sonic Producer, too, has a bright and a dull side to it. I will commence with the bright side.

A user-friendly interface: Sonic Producer puts sim back in simplicity. The layout or the face of the software was simpler and easier to understand as compared to the many music production softwares that I have come across before. The options in the drop-down-boxes seemed sensible and relevant to the heading they carried. Options were easier to find and utilize as no jargon or more-than-needed technical language is used.

The Pros:
A multitude of features available: Hard as it was for me to believe, almost every tool that I could think of, was present in this software. From a 16 track sequencer to support for externally connected piano and other instrument, Sonic Producer is certainly a heavy duty software.

Built-in MP3 Converter: Whatever beat or track that you produce, can easily and swiftly be converted into MP3 format. Since this format is supported by any thing that plays music, sharing ideas was not a cumbersome task.

A library of tutorials: The makers of Sonic Producer seemed to majorly target newbie’s as tutorials on every aspect of music production, in both visual and written formats, are available. This seemed very helpful in a lot of areas that I did not have much technical knowledge of.

Pocket-Friendly: Before I purchased the software, as I was checking out the features that Sonic Producer has to offer, a price of several hundred dollars crossed my mind. It felt like a prank when I realized that the price was less than a tenth of what I had imagined.

Royalty free: Whatever you produce on Sonic Producer can be sold and not a penny has to be paid to the company.

Contest: The makers of Sonic Producer also organize contest to give amateurs a chance to show off their skill. The winner is awarded five hundred dollars.

The Cons:
Now let us examine the dull side of Sonic Producer.

Online communities: In order to join and participate in online communities, you need to have a platinum status. Initially you have the gold status and as your skill develops, your status is upgraded.

Average Video Production: Video Production with Sonic Producer is not as great as audio. Even though I only do audio, I thought it is important that I highlight this too.

Customer Support: Even though support is very well provided via email, there are some things that are just hard to express in written format. It would be great if they had telephonic support too.

The Final Word:
As a rating, I would give Sonic Producer 5 stars. This software is recommended for beginners and the experts alike. Wishing you luck!

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