Born in Tetouan Morocco,  Nadir Khayat also known as “Red One”. He left Morocco at the age of 19 for Sweden, because of his belief that there was so much good music there. He originally pursued his musical ambitions by singing and playing guitar in various local rock bands. But it changed direction in the year 1995 when he opted to move into production and songwriting for the artists.

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Red One begin to achieve some recognition for his work at year of 2005, firstly with the Darin song “Step Up,” which reached number 1 in Sweden and Scandinavian Song of the Year Awards  and then with the Canadian hits “I Wish” and “Little Mama,” recorded by Juno Award nominee Carl Henry.

Khayat entered the global marketplace in the year of 2006, with Bamboo. From over one thousand submissions, “Bamboo” which named “Official Music” was featured for the branding and promotion of the event during television broadcasts and advertising campaigns, branded cross-promotions, and as a part of the World Cup Official Music Program. And FIFA made him the main producer and songwriter for the said program.

After the success of Bamboo, with the aim of breaking his career in the USA, Khayat moved to New York believing it to be “now or never”. But the moved was unsuccessful, he struggle a lot to secure even a single production; he even slept on a recording studio floor just to stay close to the music and lost all his money in the process.

But even if he experienced struggle, he never put to his mind of giving up and returning to Sweden. And his efforts caught the attention of Charlie Walk president of Epic Records, and led to a production role on Kat DeLuna’s debut album “9 Lives”. That’s became a big break for Red One. He established himself as a top global producer and songwriter, Red One has kept close ties with the international community that launched him into prominence. Red One is now based in Los angeles.

And in 2007, he begun writing and producing for different known artist in the Music Industry like, Akon, MIKA, New Kids On the Block, Darin, Backstreet, Menudo, Lionel Richie,  Kylie Minogue, Teron Beal, Nicole Scherzinger, Aexandra Burke, Lady Gaga.

Red One say’s that he don’t wanted to say he is dominating, but he is leading the world musically and added that he and Lady Gaga are doing something that everyone wants to do. And what makes him unique is because of his sound is a convergence of rhythms of his native Morocco and the Euro-pop that inspired him early on.

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