Welcome to the good life. How could you be so heartless? Do these two titles ring a bell? Yes you got that right. We are talking about Kanye West here. A master of rap instrumental beats that he is now, Kanye West started from a scratch too. It was all about locking himself up in his room and practicing for hours, daily. That is what has made Kanye West what he is today. The lesson here is that you too can make rap instrumental beats and be successful if you are willing to input your time and determination.

The beats in rap music are usually the biggest determinants of a track’s fate. No matter how good the lyrics are, if the beat stings your ear you probably will not like the track. A good beat can play in your head for days.

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If rap instrumental beats interest you and you want to make a future in it, then you have three options to work with. One way is that you continue banging away with plates and spoons, second is that you quit thinking about rap instrumental beats and the last option is you find a way to make your dream come true.

We will discuss the first two options after two hundred years. For now let’s think of a way for you to make a career in the production of rap instrumental beats. If you think you have a thick wallet, then you may immediately march to a studio and empty it. For the rest of us, there are beat makers that we can use. A beat maker is typically an application or software that is loaded with an array of instruments so that you can make rap instrumental beats from your computer.

If you search out beat makers on Google, you are going to get roughly 1.6 millions results. You have the liberty of going through all those pages or going with a few suggestions that are going to be presented here. The first suggestion is Sonic Producer. It was light on my pocket plus it has a lot of features. It would be wrong to say that it is value for money because I feel like I got way more than what I paid for.
The other suggestions would be Beats 365 and Music Producer Pro. These suggestions have been made on personal judgment. Everything from cost to features to user friendliness was taken into consideration before it was decided that these are the best for rap instrumental beats. You are reminded of Google again.

A bass drum, sneer, hi-hat and cymbal past are the basic instruments for rap instrumental beats. You can add more sophistication as you acquire the skill and knowledge with time. Practice makes perfect. Believe it.

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  1. Froggie Fresh Beats February 14, 2011 at 1:06 pm

    Yes, the intro said it all, being a great beat maker requires long lonely hours locked in your room practicing your craft…good program

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