Now there are success producers, super producers, and hit making producers.  But to be legendary producer is something special. Very few people will get those honors, but one of them has to be David Foster. David Foster is a musician, music producer and composer who has worked with all of the major names in the business.   He gets a bad rap some times because most of his uber successful artist are well known for their love ballads and romantic songs. 

David has worked with a total of over 143 records and partners their distribution through Warner Music.   He finds talent all over teh world and his two latest prodigies are Michael Buble and a new girl call Candice from the Phillipines.   David is one of the best producers for his ability to have perfect pitch.  This helps him create the perfect song, in key every time.   His manta and work ethic is “create great, because good is the evil twin.”

You might know of David Foster’s music through artists like:

  •  Celine Dion
  • Seal
  • Josh Grobin
  • Michael Buble
  • Andrea Bocelli
  • Whitney Hosuton
  • Cher
  • Prince
  • Earth, Wind & Fire

Here is an interview that David did with CBS, it gives a good summary of his work and how he handles being a music producer.    You can learn a lot from watching this video.

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    Katrina Bills, producer at Katrina Korner Radio for SpokenWord

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