Play all you want and worry no more about running out of battery for your live instruments because Sanyo knows how playing music is precious to us, thus, they made and now introduced, SANYO Pedal Juice- a rechargeable battery built specifically for powering musical instruments on the go.

It comes with 9V lithium-Ion battery featuring Sanyo eneloop technology that stays Up to 50 hours of power. One of its unique features is that it eliminates AC ground loops.

With Two 9V DC outputs it recharges in only 3.5 hours via AC adaptor. Good enough that it is rechargeable hundreds of times for it helps saves money and the environment.   Also it is Water and shock resistant (JIS IPX3 compliant water resistant enclosure)  and with a 3-stage LED indicator, a single on/off button.

Good news for guitarists on-the-go who loves to rock and play all night long. Pedal Juice, 9V lithium unit guarantees 50 hours of playing time if you’re only using one standard pedal and nine hours when you’re hooked-up to a daisy chain of six effects (including a wah-wah pedal) and a tuner.

If you play keyboard, Pedal Juice, on the other hand, promise two hours of playing time and if you’re using percussion pad, you have a guaranteed 90 minutes of playing time.

Available at $150. See for yourself and check if it’s worth your money.

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