A decade or two ago, if a child was asked what they wanted to be when they grew up, the child would respond with professions like a doctor, an engineer, a pilot and blah blah blah. Nowadays, when a kid is asked about their future plans, parents are puzzled by answers like “Dad I want to go into music production.” Music production has been carried out in a very orthodox manner for a very long time. A producer and an engineer are two major professionals involved in music production. An engineer has a very defined and rigid job; the responsibilities are, as you may have expected, handling the technical part of recording, the capture of desired levels, handling and running the recording hardware, and trouble shooting.

In music production, a producer has a very flexible role. It could be as simple as overseeing the recording; this happens when the artist being dealt with has already got a sound in mind and has organized the other required material. The director can also have a role that is very large. This can range from writing the material to trimming out and shaping up the whole project so that everything and everyone moves in the required direction.

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Two other activities that are a part of music production are mixing and mastering. Mixing is the shaping and altering of various aspects of the tracks recorded. This includes the addition of effects as well the boosting and lowering of some levels. When no one part of a track or mix dominates the others and everything is audible and clear to the ear, good mixing has been carried out. Mastering takes care of the volume related aspects of songs. The aim always is to ensure that soft tracks are not too soft and loud tracks are not too loud. It would be exasperating to a listener if they had to change the volume for every track.

This whole process of music production can cost quite a lot. Thankfully, technology has taken care of this. Applications or softwares, that allow a single person to take care of the all aspects of music production, are largely available now. Whether you are a novice or a professional, you can produce music from the comfort of your home.

The procedure is very simple. All you have to do is to get a music production software like Sonic Producer and install it on your PC or Mac. Instead of spending thousands of dollars at a studio, you only spend an intsy-bitsy fraction of that. The benefit of the producer, engineer, artist and everything else at the same time is that everything goes the way you want it to go. No criticism.

If you are short of ideas, you can always call a friend over. If you think you have come up with something that is pleasing to the ear, show it off!

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