Mark Eldridge, better known as Kipper, is a Grammy award winning music producer that is probably best known for working with the artist Sting.  He has also worked with the likes for artist like, Clay Aiken, Mary J Blidge, Seal, Gary Numan, James Taylor Wynonna, Richard Marx, and many others.  

As a youngster, Kipper has some formal training as a musician, but was not a huge fan of structure. First he delved in the keyboards and piano, but he quickly found out that his true calling was guitar.  Quickly by his teens, Kipper was recording on a small 4 track, a drum machine and his guitar.  He is especially fond of working with a new chord. 

Later in life, he took his passion for music and joined a band called One Nation, and toured a while really enjoying the world of rock and roll.  After creating and touring with two albums with One Nation, Ki[[er started working with Gary Numan and co-produced his album, machine and soul.  Thorugh that successful and continued relationship with Gary, he started to work with Sting.  He is best known for creating the updated, fresh new sound for Sting on albums like, Brand New Day and Sacred Love. Both of those albums led Kipper to Grammies and modern acclaim for fusing many different styles of music successfully.

His philosophy on writing music is begin with a simple idea and structure it on the guitar.  His belief is to keep It simple and let the important things (the signer) stand out and make the song.   Kipper is better known for focusing on the music arrangement and song structure, and leaving the recording aspects typically to the sound engineer.  

Currently Kipper owns his own production company where he continues to work with artists like Sting, and other artists.  He enjoys being a musician foremost, alongside a producer and writer.

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