you may or may not know it but some of the world’s most talented artists in the past two decades have been produced by one single man, Daniel Lanois. He is an extremely successful and creative music producer that is well-known for being responsible for probably over half of the music that you know and love. So, let me give you some insight on this talented and respected music producer.

Did you know the that Daniel is responsible for some of the biggest U2 albums, and also some of the largest Bob DyLanois albums yes that’s right, some of those all-time great rock albums that you love were produced by none other than Daniel Lanois. Daniel’s best-known for his razor-sharp guitars and some arrangement.

Daniel knows how to bring out the best in every artists he can take a song that is rather mediocre and make it amazing. All artists have had the opportunity to work with Daniel not only like him as a person I respect his ability as a musician and producer.

Other artists that Daniel is known for working with our guitar greats like Neil Young. Working with artists like Neil Young has been a great experience for Daniel because one of his greatest talents is playing guitar and being able to capture amazing guitar tones is a greater competition from. It has been said that he knows how to use a studio mixing console like a guitar, knowing how to move this sounds great harmony.

Other albums and artists that Daniel has worked with has been willing to listen less as Jackson Peter Gabriel and the Neville Brothers. He is also in coproducer for amazing albums like achtung baby and how to dismantle an atomic bomb by U2

Daniel supports fantastic causes like music education, and solving world hunger and violence issues. Giving back is just part of his personality.

We are fortunate to have someone as talented as Daniel has been able to bring out some of the best sounds and music and modern contemporary music. His ability to record and capture some of the great music in music history has been a blessing for all of us

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