When I come across a new music procuder, I always get the “I’ve got the hottest tracks to hit the streets in decades” attitude. Now, there is nothing wrong with being proud of what you have created, and the artists that you have had the opportunity to work with. I encourage anyone that is brave enough to get our there and create something great, but most of the time new producers are not ready for a normal part of business. That is what I would like to refer as, failure.

Throughout anyones career, there are many successes and failure that occur within their career. I personally have had many successes, created some great tracks, but other projects that I have taken at times, do not go as I want them to at all. Looking back at my own successes and failures, I have discovered that the failures have taught me a lot and successes have been a fantastic time.

Handling the failures can be difficult at times, and here are couple tidbits of advice to help you cope with the failures that you will come across.

1.) Not everyone is going to love your tracks. You have to grow a bit of thick skin when you first start presenting your music, beats or tracks to anyone in the music industry. When you are first starting out you will not have a much credibility and will have to really impress, labels, managers, and marketing resources. You will probably get a lot of “It’s nice, but not what we are looking for at this time” speeches. Instead of getting the “piss off” or “what the hell does he really know” attitude, just thank the individual for there time and move to the next. Trust me, just because they are not interested the first time does not mean they will not be later down the road.

2.) Dust your self off, and try again. If you look at anyone in the music industry (artist and producers) you will find that they experienced way more failures than most people could ever handle, before they got to taste success. Do you think that everyone loved Timbaland’s funky style at first? Do you think that Jay-Z was going to take New York by storm and launch Roc-a-fella Records, when he first started. Sure, they might have had a plan and a dream, but the perseverance is what got them to the point of where they are now. Failures and “no’s” are just part of the game in the very beginning. If you really believe you are the next whoever, keep moving forward and make it happen.

3.) Surround yourself with the right people. I don’t think I really need to preach to much on this topic, but you do need to surround yourself with people that have a positive affect on your life and career. When you have dealt with a lot of rejection, you will have to turn to those who you are closest to “put yourself in check”. If they believe in your abilities as much as you do, they will help push you forward.

4.) Don’t be afraid to stray away from the pack. Taking calculated risks is usually a huge step in becoming successful as a producer. It is very easy to follow the most recent trends and most popular beat styles. The only problem with this is that someone is already the leader of the pack. Break away and find your own voice or beat, and you will find that at some point (yes, after failures) that people will be looking to you as a leader in whatever new trend comes from your style. Doing you own thing can be harder than it sounds though, it does make you more vulnerable to rejections in the beginning.

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