Music has never been an easy task for both amateurs and professionals. The reality is that you are only half way there when you have finished recording your track. Mixing can be defined as the art of combining several recorded audio tracks into one. In any given track, you have a variety of instruments being played as well as the vocals of the artist. It is the prefect integration of these individually recorded components that is aimed for when mixing.

Mixing is divided into a couple of groups. One is “in the box” and the other, as you may have now guessed, is “out of the box”. Out of the box refers to using a mixing board and outboard equipment for a mix. This is usually done at big studios by professional sound engineers. It can cost up to several thousand dollars per track. In the box mixing refers to a mix done through a music mixing software. Examples of such music mixing software’s include Sonic Producer, Beats 365, Music Producer Pro and many others that you can look up on Google. You may be surprised by the fact that conceptually both “in the box” and “out of the box” are almost the same; hence one is as effective as the other.

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Mixing is done on two types of recordings. One is stereo and the other is mono. Mono sounds very one dimensional and lacks depth when listened to keenly. Stereo on the other hand multi dimensional and has a texture to it. An example of stereo sound is your home theater. Different speakers emit different levels and volumes of sound. This further gives you an idea of what mixing exactly.

A music mixing software can be found in different price ranges. Some may only cost as much your lunch today while others may eat up half your wage. Your budget is going to be a major deciding factor when you hunt for your music mixing software. Do proper research before making any purchase.

A music mixing software is available as a stand alone program, for example pro tools, and as an integrated version of a music producing program. Sonic Producer and the other names mentioned above are actually music producing programs with an inbuilt mixing feature. Incase you are looking for a complete package, then these names are definitely recommended. For stand alone programs, Google is at your service.

If you are new to mixing, you don’t need to worry. The internet is loaded with written and visual tutorials that will have you mixing like a professional if followed correctly. When you purchase music mixing software, usually these tutorials are also given to you. It’s up to how fast a learner you are.

In the end, it does not really matter how much or how little money you spend on a music mixing software. What really matters is how skilled and determined you are about what you do. Perseverance pays big time.

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