Today is the final installment of Music Industry Quick Tips.  This installment will be a little more in depth than the other quick tips

Looking for some quick tips about the music industry to boost your music career? Try these quick and easy music business tips to help you make your way in the music business. Take your career to a new path. Get a little inspiration to try something new and great. Just be sure to bookmark this page so you won’t miss any new tips that keep coming up!

1. Clean Up Your Social Media Pages

Some people still use Facebook, MySpace & Twitter despite the proliferation of other social networking sites (this site still gets more visits through MySpace than any other social networking site). Of course, your page could be the main reason why you don’t get any visits. You can use these tips to transform your page into something new.

2. Update Your Promo Pack

Your promo pack, whether it be hardcopy or in digital format, is your main business card. Are you sure yours is still up to date? Make sure it has all of the latest information today.

3. Build a Press Database

A press database is very, very useful in the music industry. Build one now if you don’t have one. If you already have one, be sure it is updated.

4. Choose the Right Venue

Pick the right venue for a good show. What are the things to look for when venue shopping? Make sure that it fits your target market.

5. Meta Tag Your Songs

Tag your songs. This is a must-do in the music industry.

6. Get College Radio Play

As an up and coming musician, college radio may help you out a great deal. Learn more that and enjoy yourself in the process.

7. Swap a Gig

Want to play outside your hometown? Find out how a gig swap can help you land a new and ready audience.

8. Start a Band Newsletter

You need more than social networking to keep your fans involved. A band newsletter can come in handy. Find out how.

9. Work With Your PR Company

Hiring public relations people is a big investment. Get the most from your cash by helping your PR company help you.

10. Find New Audiences

Learn why you need to make sure you are looking out at a sea of new people everytime you perform on stage.

11. Communicate Like a Professional

Professional communication matters much in the music business. Learn why you should always put your best and most professional foot forward.

Cooperation and collaboration is very valuable in the music business.

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