Out of the UK, London to be precise we get  the sounds of some of the favorite metal rock bands in modern history.   Tom Allom is the producer that is known within the metal community for his work in the 70’s to late 80’s on albums such as Black Sabbath, Def Leopard, KIX, Judas Priest, and Rough Cutt. 

Tom’s History:
Tom first started as a young junior producer on the Black Sabbath album working with Roger Bayne.  Tom worked with Sabbath on the west end of London, tracking the basic tracks for the first and second albums.   This led to a whole lot of work with independent underground bands in the which helped him gain his popularity with within management companies managing more famous artist. 

From the smaller bands and work on the Black Sabbath albums, led him to the work with Judas Priest, through their management.  This helped him move forward to working on more major albums on the Def Leopard albums and KIX.  

Working with Black Sabbath & Judas Priest:
One thing that Tom is well known for is his ability to capture amazing drums, notably he has captured some of the best kick drums in the business.   Working on the Black Sabbath album, he was responsible for capturing the basic tracks for the band, and worked with Roger on the tracking of the rhythm section. When it came time to tracking the vocals (Ozzy) for black Sabbath, he notes that one of the best things they had going for them, was to have some of the best array of mics in the business.

Tom worked with Judas Priest on many of their albums and formed a great relationship with the band. Most diehard Judas fans consider Tom to be the 5th Beatle of the band helping them make some great albums and some great tracks.

Other artist he has worked with:
Metal has not been the only music that Tom has had his hands in, he has also worked with the likes of Loverboy.  Which was a popular band,  going large in both the UK and US in the early mid seventies.   Working with this band was unlike other artist that he was familiar working with, but must have been a nice break working more in a synthesizer realm.

Tom has also been involved in recording the popular UK band, the strobes. Working with the strobes help earn him credibility with both mainstream and independent artist through the UK music scene. 

Tom has had the chance to record music all over the world including, Maimi, Canada, California and London.   He has been quite an accomplished producer for his era, and even though he took time away from music in the late 80’s through the nineties to work on real estate ventures, he has always kept his passion for making great music and helping artist reach their full potential in the studio.  Currently Tom is working out of his studio in  British Grove Studios in London, England.

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  1. PJ March 13, 2011 at 11:57 am

    I’m familiar with Tom’s work with Judas Priest. Those were some great albums during that time. Loverboy – hated the name, but must admit they had some great tunes too.

  2. Wes March 13, 2011 at 2:38 pm

    I have to agree with you on both your points, but we both have to be hush hush about loverboy.

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