Headphones and earphones have been the everyday partners of music lovers. Perfect partners for iPod, mp3s and even mobile phones. Wherever you are, you can listen right away to your favorite music and artists if you have these. Whatever  mood are you in, groovy, emotional and even rocking mood, these gadgets will truly help you out.

Over the years, Marshall Amps’ have proven itself as one of the leading provider of quality and top of the class amplifier and they are now unveiling their new product line- Marshall headphones. It comes in two models, the Major Model and the Minor Model.

Major Headphone, made out of the same vinyl used in Marshall Amplifiers, is undeniably luxurious as it comes with a headband that bears the original “Marshall texture”. They and it is out in the market for €99.

On the other hand, Minor in-ear model, “ingeniously secures the earphone into position in your ear,” has the EarClick patent and costs €59 in the market. Also suitable for mobile phones because it is equipped with microphone and remote.

Zound Industries takes care of the manufacturing duties of the said products. They have been doing headphones for various global brands in the market.  Attractive and irresistible with a sleek design most of the Minor models are already sold out.
Try it yourself and feel the guaranteed satisfaction Marshall Major and Minor Models will bring.

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  1. Joyce Edwards July 18, 2011 at 9:22 am

    Great review on these headphones. I like the sleekness of them. I guess you are in the UK. What is the cost in US dollars?

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