So you want to know how to make rap beats? Whether you are a pro or a beginner, there are some things you need to keep in mind when creating awesome rap beats.

Making beats takes effort, but it can be really rewarding, it can give you complete control over the music that you are making. Making rap beats is an art form all in itself and it can take time, patience and practice to make something really good.

When you are figuring out how to make rap beats, you might need to gain access to various programs and various recording equipment to make a really amazing track. You might want to keep in mind that you could need voice editing program, beat making software and a great music production program.

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When choosing a program for making really awesome rap beats you need to make sure it is capable of making top notch sounding beats. You probably will not want the beats to sound thin or have interfering noise. All your hard work will go to waste if the sound isn’t of high quality, as no one will care how long it took you or how creative it is if the quality isn’t any good.

Make sure the software that you get has an user friendly interface, so that you don’t have to drive yourself mental trying to figure out how to use the program when you are learning how to make rap beats. You really want to be able to focus on the sounds and the beats you are creating, not where to find the buttons on the interface.

I’d suggest using Sonic Producer, it’s the best one I’ve come across and I have gone through many different beat making software and this one happens to be one of my personal favorites.
Now, once you have the program and any other extra features you might want to play with then It will be time to work on the lyrics. It is important that you use lyrics that are yours or that you have the legal right to use. Obviously, ignore this if you aren’t using vocals.

After that, I’d work on making a really strong drum line and bass line. This will be the foundation of your sound and it’s important that they really speak to the emotion of the piece you are using. As a tip for those who are making rap, you have to have a really strong beat to lay the vocal on, or your run the risk of it getting drowned out.

The next step is to create a the instrumental piece that will serve as the main musical structure of your beat. This will set the feeling for the beat. Key components of making a rap beat, you need to create a balance of melody and hard hitting bass line paired with great vocals to create the whole picture.
Make sure when you are using the balance of the instrumentals and the beats that you know what the tempo and speed of the song is so that you get the sounds right. As a general rule don’t use a speedy melody with a slow drum track, unless you really know what you are doing.

So, go out and get yourself a beat making program and then get busy on making your own original rap beats.

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