If you are a hip hop composer, or you want to inject some crisp new sound into another style of music, then you might want to take a look into learning how to make hip hop beats. The wonderful things about hip hop music, and I’m sure one of the things that makes it so popular is that the rules around the creation of the sound is really easy to change and allow for a lot of creative expression.

Making hip hop beats really comes down to your perception and a good understanding of what the popular trends are doing today. It will be important to teach your ear to really listen to what the industry looks for and you can develop your own unique hip hop production style by using the basics that you learn how to make hip hop beats from listening and understanding the greats.

Get started making hip hop beats

At the point when you begin making hip hop beats the first step is definitely creating the drum groove. The fundamental element of any great hip hop track is the drum beat. You can create this beat using digi-drums, a already created drum loop or an individually designed drum loop using your beat making software. It is important that your drum beat is around four to eight measures long for it to be a good foundation for hip hop beats.

The next step in learning how to make hip hop beats is to lay a bass line over your drum beat. The bass line that you should complement the drum beat that you have already chosen, the catchier the bass line, the better off you’ll be.

This is a very important component to the hip hop beat and like the drums, it can be created as an original beat with your software or you can download a royalty free bass line online.Now that you have the perfect base for your hip hop beats you can let those creative juices start flowing. The next step in learning how to make hip hop beats is to add the orchestration; this is any musical sound or element that lies over the top of the foundation you have created. This is the catchy part of the song that sets it apart from the rest.
You can use any instruments from guitar chords or cello stabs. You can use any good funky sounds that are catchy and work well with the other beats you have already chosen. Then you will want to add your samples.

Almost all hip hop loops include some form of sampling, but you have to get permission from the artist. You use snippets of pre-recorded existing recordings, often by other artists and you add it to an original beat. Sometimes, the urge of making use of the recording instruments you brought from https://toprecordplayers.com vacillates, and resurfaces; and it isn’t destructive to your music career. But, make sure you get permission before you use any samples,if you don’t you could face a lawsuit.
The final step to learning how to make hip hop beats is to add effects. Effects can change the feel of your beat and really make your sound different. There are so many effects out there to choose from and your beat making interface should offer lots of many options including adding delay, compression and reverb.
Now you have learned how to make hip hop beats! I’ve given you all the elements and now you are free to create some awesome new sounds! To your advantage, hip hop is one of the most versatile genres of music, and it’s the drum and bass line that really defines your sound.

So get creative, and see what sort of great hip hop sounds you can make!

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