Years back, before the age of myspace, facebook, and youtube, musicians and artists enjoyed a more intimate interaction with their fans. Think travelling musicians, frequent public presentations, and acts performed in community events.  This was the time before budding artists coveted a record deal with a huge music company. The ticket to fame and recognition then were live performances.
But while we constantly claim that time moves in a singular line, the fate of live performances seem to have followed a circle. Live Shows have recently been making a comeback – a welcome move for audiences and performers alike.

For those who are prepared to ditch music blogs and myspace, there are several ways of meeting new artists live – record bars, chic pubs, music festivals, and good old road shows.

Record bars are perhaps the easiest option. A short trip to the store would introduce you to the latest crooner and growler, drum genius and bass protégé, future consistent hitmaker or one song wonder – take your pick. Of course, we’d recommend that you look for options way further than the music store down the block.

Choosing a pub, in particular, is really just a walk in the park. Several establishments exist that would fit the tastes and sensibilities of various discriminating music enthusiasts. Joe’s Pub in the Big Apple, for instance, is widely seen as the it place for listeners with an ear for eclectic sound. Bill Bragin, the bar’s music booker, sums up their choice of artists, “The idea is that we want people here that we can champion enthusiastically.”

For those who prefer to go beyond the walled-in and pre-themed confines of pubs and bars, you can always drop by an exquisite music festival. Not only will you enjoy the performances of featured artists, you might even encounter minor acts who’d end up becoming your next favourite musicians.

Amidst these options, Phillip Sweet of Little Big Town, a country group, would present yet another choice – road shows. “Last year alone, [Little Big Town] did more than two hundred twenty (220) shows. Beating the streets like that every night, we were building the fan base in a grass-roots way,” he says.

Road shows, pubs, music stores – clearly, the charm of live shows hasn’t faded. So what are you waiting for? Go be the genuine music fan and hit the streets.

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  1. Dembow January 20, 2012 at 3:19 pm

    Muy buena Informacion

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