The other day I found this video of the 6 year old kick that was making beats with a Casio keyboard and an Atari video game console. Sure you might think that the equipment is dated (and it is), but I makes me happy to see kids at a young age, focused in on something that interests them and is positive. After watching the video you will see that the kid is well beyond his years.
Which brings me to the question.

Is there an age that is too young to bring a kid into the world of music? The earlier you can teach a child skills like languages, music, sports, and an instrument, the higher the chance that a child will be good at that craft later in life. Children’s minds absorb information in the first eight years of life. If you have a child, what are you doing to encourage developing skills that they can later use in life?

I am sure that we will be seeing this little guy 25 years from now getting a grammy.

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