It has been said, success never come that easy. In pursuit to achieve something, there are hindrances that will block your way. Sometimes they become so unbearable and make you think to give up. But these struggles must rather make you strong and pursue more until you reach that goal.

Same as with your quest in music production, obstacles may come along the way but you must stay focused in achieving what you want and prove that there’s no easy way but you can make it through.

The obstacles that will try to pull you down include the following:

The Absence of a Vision…

Having a vision is your key to stay on track when times get tough. Also, this will serve as your motivation. When you’re clear about which type of music/business you want to create, you will know which decisions and actions you should make and prioritize so that you will get what you want. So whatever nuisances bothers you, look at the vision ahead of you.
You want to be known independent musician/producer and decisions and actions that will not contribute in achieving your goals must be eliminated. Look towards your vision at all times.

The Presence of Doubt

There are times you have doubts in your own talents. You may think you have no ability to make your own music or in the end your music will not make sense at all and will not be appreciated. But to tell you, these doubts will haunt you again and again as you move along your music career path and this will determine the pace of your progress. As you entertain more of these doubts in your life, the slower you can move along.

Bear in mind that that when you’re in doubt, you do not possess the urge to do something and you can’t make things happen so you shouldn’t lose that urge. Don’t’ lose your energy and motivation to make and share your music, you have to focus, discipline and practice and remember to do one thing straight away will bring you closer to your vision.

Lack of Skills and Experience

You have to get the skills an independent musician and producer which includes music production and performance skills, studio skills, business skills, marketing/promotion skills and administrative skills.

You may think that there’s too much to learn buy the way to overcome this obstacle is to adopt an attitude of the perpetual learner. Learning is process, don’t rush to learn all of in an instant. Learn a bit of each a day. Be patient with yourself and before you know it you will have both the skill and experience you need to make your own music and get it heard.

The Reality of the Job

The reality is you need a full time job because you have a lot of things to be paid for and your full-time job takes the most of your time and energy and leave you with very little left to invest in to your career as an independent musician and producer.

There are cases that you have the money to build up your studio but you don’t have all the time in the world to do so, again because of your job.

You need to have both to make your own music, time and energy as well as the resources. One way to do it is to create a way to make income sources using your passion or expertise in order to replace your job income or a business income which requires less-and-less of your time to maintain as you go along. If that so happens, you have the income, time and energy into your music production, performance and promotion activities. And there will be no greater feeling than that to do what you really want.

The Lack of Support

First thing to do is to advise the people close to you how much you want to make music and explain to them the amount of time this requires from you because it is vital that  your family and friends understands the demands of music production.

They will in turn demand that you balance your time, and truly it is not that easy. So time to time, hang out with your friends and family though because these are the people who will be there when you need help, so it’s not wise to neglect them.

If you want support from your fellow artists, you should likewise support them. They’re existence in your career can give you inspiration, advice and most importantly, critique of your works.

When you got your work released, your network of friends and family are the first people to support you so you better treat them well.

You can avoid the lack of Support by maintaining sincere relationships with the people around you. To have a smoother career, at all times bear in mind these things and things will be better than you think.

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  1. Tony Tate July 7, 2011 at 2:05 pm

    I really enjoyed this post and although you were speaking to musicians, I found your insights and tips very helpful from a business standpoint as well. I think the most important hindrance is the absence of a vision. I have seen too many people that want success, but have no vision or plan of how to do it. Thanks for posting this.
    Tony Tate

  2. Bryan McHeyzer July 10, 2011 at 11:29 pm

    Hi Adrian,
    Reguardless of what we sometimes read there is no overnight success in music or most endevors in life.
    It takes time and effort…and as you pointed out without a vision and the desire it would be so easy to take the easy road and make excuses for not achieving the goal.

    Great insight and thanks for the post.


  3. Jaden Daniels July 19, 2011 at 9:56 am

    I had a dream of writing songs and getting them published in my younger days. I play guitar and love it…even though I only rhythm. I used to have a passion for it. After reading your article I know I lost my vision and self doubt didn’t help either.


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