Music industry is really a huge pool of talents, not limited to artists alone. As you know there are other individuals who comprise the whole industry. To name few, producers, talents scouts and record labels.

At first glance it is really overwhelming especially for independent artists who started from scratch with no one at all to back up and to tell what needs to be done.

So, for independent artists out there, here are some sites that may help you get wired and have placements for your songs.


With artists are encouraged to submit up to four (4) MP3s for the agency’s review. They are a non exclusive music –licensing agency that represents independent artists to media platforms, including film, TV, videogames, advertising, online, and social networks.

During the selection process, only 20% of total number of artists are chosen to be included in their list.

In return, the terms between Audiosocket  and the artists includes the following:

– the contract is for two (2) years and after which, with written notice the          artists can remove their music from the agency’s catalog.

– Artists retain all of their share of royalties for their music licensed while          they are under this two (2) year agreement.

– They keep 50 percent of the publisher’s share.

Beatpick (

Like, artists can submit their music online for free and after 16 weeks a response with appropriate decision on your music is guaranteed. They take 50% of licensing revenue and artists receives the full 100% performance royalties. But they caters mostly to store chains, film, TV, and advertising industries.

Broadjam (

This one requires certain amount or fees. As they connect artists with industry professionals who need music, they require membership fees. Artists have to sign up and regularly pay membership dues on a yearly basis. And if they wish to submit their music for a listing, another fee is to be collected, which vary depending on your membership level.
Included in the membership package are web hosting, contests, social networking, and a real-time review mechanism. When it comes to placement of music to labels, publishers or songpluggers, the artists have all the revenue.

Crucial Music (

It is very much similar to Audiosocket. It doesn’t require fee for music submissions. You just need to upload your music in Mp3 format and once the song is approved, that’s the only time you will upload it in WAV file. Then crucial’s staff will place tags and metadata to it so it can be added to the company’s catalog.

Three years non exclusive deal is what they offer to the artists and collects half of the licensing fees. They usually place music to music supervisors working in major TV networks, as well as major and independent films.

Ditty base (

It is also another free registration site. They have online database of music submitted by writers through CD or through file-sending services like Writers are even encouraged to send information about themselves.

The Film Music Network (

Provides opportunities to everyone. All music submissions are listened to immediately by the job posters and none of those submissions are withheld or disqualified. It’s a membership-based organization that aims to place its music collections from music supervisors, film studios, libraries and commercial production houses in films, television, and videogames. Submissions are also welcome to non-members.

Hello Music (

This started out this January 2010. One particular thing about this is they provide connections to Yahoo! Music. They give value to every submissions and have professional A&R staff to facilitate the connection between the artists and the right Hello Music partners.

They don’t collect fees from the artists for joining the team, however, if through the partnership, their music generates income or revenue, they take their fair share of it.

Magnatune (

Is a music licensing site for several types of creative projects. Artists have to upload their music for free and it will be included in the site’s catalog which is available to members. With membership fee of $15 a month, members can download unlimited the songs they like.

They also license music for film or TV shows but only half of the revenues go to the artists. They give much importance to the artists’ works as they regularly feature them in press, web, advertising, tradeshows and events.

Megatrax (

Mostly produces exclusively from their in-house artists.However, independent songwriters are also welcome to submit their music for evaluation and consideration.

Muziko (

A European production-music library which is open to independent songwriter who looks for licensing for their music. They offer 50/50 split share on revenues mechanical, sync, and broadcast royalties. Music can be uploaded in their website for free.


About the Author: Kim


  1. Linnea June 21, 2011 at 2:27 pm

    What a great list of resources for the independent artist. I love the way the web enables indies such vast opportunities to be heard. Thank you for providing a great resource and for helping independent artists who enrich our lives!

  2. Loren June 22, 2011 at 11:18 am

    Hi Kim

    You’ve provided a really valuable list the new independent artist and saved them tons of time in researching. It’s so interesting how the music industry has also embraced the internet and provides free options for well rounded music production including exposing the music of new artists… until they are ready to move on to the paid options.

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