There’s no greater satisfaction is you’re using your stuffs with convenience. You will feel more productive and more effectively working whether if it is for home, work or just personal use. With ease comes positive things, you will be motivated and excellent output will be delivered.

This is what IK Multimedia has in mind for their consumers, as they introduce “iKlip”,  a new microphone stand adaptor for iPad.  This was announced by IK Multimedia as they compete to be the best iPhone/iPad-related products.

Whether you are using your iPad on the stage, in the studio, school or the boardroom or any live setting, iKlip makes sure that you can use to iPad easily. It has multi-angle adjustable design that secures your iPad for ease of viewing and accessibility even with all the controls or other ports it will be free from obstruction.

With the sheer scale and quality of music making apps increasing at a rate of knots (including IK’s own recently released AmpliTube 2 for iPhone which, by the way, has done nothing to dampen the company’s aforementioned quest), we could definitely find a use for the iKlip, particularly for triggering live effects and instruments.

You can now pre-order iKlip for a low price.

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