Be warned! This article contains advice that will put professional producers out of business. This is because once you learn how to make beats for yourself, professional producers will only be as useful as the magnets on the fridge! Only read on if you want that to happen.

Beats are perhaps the essence of every track. As long as you have a good beat at hand, lyrics will flow like liquor from a bottle. Or even better, let us learn how to make beats. Not the average beats. We are going to learn how to make beats that are extraordinary.

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Like every other thing we do in life, learning how to make beats also needs a proper plan and a set of guidelines. The important thing is to adhere to these basic guidelines while at the same adding our own flavors to give the output a personal touch.

The first step should always be a promise to yourself. You need to promise to yourself that no matter how unsuccessful you are at the start, you will continue trying. In the initial stages, things hardly go our way, so do not get de-motivated. Perseverance pays, and pays well.

Next step is to get your internet gun and hunt for a software or program that allows you to make your own beats. If you want to learn how to make beats from the comfort of your home, you will need to get one. Look for something that will not make you starve for a month because you had to spend your lunch money. After a few searches, Sonic Producer seemed to be the winner. But apart from Sonic Producer, there were other close competitors too. Beats 365 and Music Producer Pro are two others. These seemed to be pocket friendly to me and my eyes were happy too as these have a user friendly interface. But again this is my judgment. You can try these or google out others.

On average it takes at least two hours for a newbie to get familiar with software in the context of learning how to make beats. Remember this is the average. Do not feel silly if you take an hour extra. Also do not feel like you are a genius if you take less time. Play around with different instruments. Get a feel of the sound. Try out different combinations.

Use your instinct. Improvise. Keep trying. Do not forget your promise. Your aim should be carving out something unique. If you come up with something but are not sure of its quality, ask a friend. In fact ask many friends. Play it to your cat. Does she dance? If you have a positive feedback, keep practicing that beat.

Music producers have an average salary of sixty seven thousand dollars. You can make a much bigger one. Your determination will be a major deciding factor. Anybody can learn how to make beats but only those who believe in perseverance truly succeed.

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