When it comes time to sound proof a room and take your home studio to the next level you will want to have some bass traps.  Bass traps greatly reduce the amount of low frequencies that are traveling across a room (or if it is loud, across a house).  

When it was time for myself to install a couple of bass traps in my home studio,  I asked around on where I could get some traps at an affordable price, to my surprise, I found out that it would be easier to just build them myself, rather than pay for professional ones.   The cost to build them is relatively inexpensive, and the construction is even easier.

I have recently found this fantastic tutorial on how to build a bass trap acoustic panel.   This video will give  you everything that you need to know, and walk you thorugh all the steps to build it.  It also contains all of the materials and tools needed in the construction.

Special thanks to KillerMagnet for creating this great tutorial. It has been very useful for me, and I know that it will be very useful for anyone who wants to build bass traps.

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