Hip Hop music production is the process of creating beats and vocals for the hip hop genre. Hip hop music has been around for quite a few years now, but it is today’s hip hop that has really opened the doors for lots of new music producers to get on board and make some great new exciting beats.

Modern hip hop music production uses live instruments, music sample, sequencers, drum machines, turn tables, online beat makers, and synthesizers. You name it, you can use it. Being a hip hop producer is correlated to creating the beats of the track itself. The art form of composing a hip hop beat is what the hip hop music producers are most celebrated for. This is often called a beat, and the composer is often called the beat maker.

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The interesting thing that has happened most recently is the advancement in online technology which is phasing out the role of the producer in hip hop music production. The production of the entire hip hop beat is often being made by the artist themselves, particularly when it comes to new artists.

The new beat making software does everything that a hip hop music producer did in the past. New and fresh artists are finding that they can make everything from the instrumentals, to recording the vocals, the mixing and mastering of their track, right from the comfort of their own home. Typically at a fraction of the cost!

Beat making software for hip hop production are available online for around $30 USD and offer some great tricks for even the beginner producer. Having access to excellent support networks and online classes, even someone who has no knowledge of making hip hop beats can buy a program and start creating their own music today. This is causing a bit of a rift in the industry as I’m sure you can guess, and there are some basics to hip hop producing that every aspiring hip hop producer should understand.
The drum beat is the fundamental element of any hip hop track. It’s flow and complexity will dictate the speed and the impact of the production itself. Everything is created on the drum beat, so try to keep it simple when you start.

Some drum beats are downloaded, and others can be created by drum beat makers. This depends on how confident you are when you are creating your unique music. People often start with a sample and then move up to creating their own beats eventually. Keep it simple, and take it step by step and that’s the best way to learn about hip hop music production.

Once you have a drum beat that you are really happy with you will need to work on the percussion and the sampling elements of your track. Both are really important to punctuate the sound and create something really original. If you just want to get into hip hop music production so that you can produce your own tracks, or if you are a producer looking for another way into the industry, there are great options out there for you. You just have to get your hands on some beat making software.

I’d suggest looking at sonicproducer.com, which offers an affordable and efficient easy to use system that will cater to everyone from beginner to seasoned professional.

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