booteq_MKIIThere is a free VST tool out on the market for most DAR platforms call the BootEQ mkII VST plugin. This handy little plugin is very useful and efftective for equalization and simulating a pre-amp. It can really beef up and add some depth to your recording, and the best thing about it is that it is free!

The new version of this VST plug-in will feature:

  1. 4 parametric and independent EQ bands
  2. musical sounding EQ curves 
  3.  Special selected phase responses
  4. Reproduce ‘classic’ curves and EQ behavior
  5. Auto balance overlapping frequencies
  6. minimized curve warping near Nyquist frequency
  7.  pre-amp simulation
  8. good audio coloration enhancements

I found a free download of this software on  (This website is safe to download software)
Click Here to go to download page

There have also been some minor fixes to the new version of the software where the knobs controls are actually working properly in Cubase.   I have been using this VST plugin for some time now with Pro Tools and have been quite happy with it, even in previous itterations of the software.  If you are looking for a good plug-in that delivers good EQ balance, then I recommend that you take a look at this piece of software.

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