I Just found a great free VST plug-in that will work with almost all digital recording solutions. It is a called the Subconcious, this arpeggiation sequencer can really take any sound to a brand new level. Subconscious has 2 completely different on-board sequencers. This includes a gate sequencer and a modulation sequencer, which can be used for stepped sequences
A dual hybrid synth with a unique arpeggiation sequencer.

Some of the features that are included with Subconcious:

* 2 oscillator sections,
* Sync, Ringmod and
* FM of each osc section
* Crossfader (with reverse (hampster) switches)
* Gate Sequencer
* Mod Sequencer
* Sequencer Polyphony (Allows layering)
* 5 envelopes:
* 2 amp, 2 filter and one mod. Each envelope can be triggered by the gate sequencer, individually or simultaneously.
* 3 assignable LFOs with fade in time
* Dual Stereo Delay section
* 64 presets (32 by Tim Conrardy)
If you are interested in downloading this FREE plugin, you can download Subconcious. This can be a really great synth for grabbing samples and making them unique.

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