The AudioFire 4 is a portable audio recording interface powered with availablity of Firewire and/or bus power. I was needing a mobile solution that I could take with me and run off my MacBook Pro. I have recently decided to purchase the Echo Audiofire 4 Audio Interface to replace my old firewire I/O. I decided to go with this interface after going online and reading a ton of comments and reviews of other interfaces, and the Audiofire 4 was getting really high reviews, with little to no negativity across the board.

The only other interface I had come across that was getting great reviewsother than the Audiofire 4 was the RME Fireface 400. It also got good reviews, but the price tag hurt at $1300. After comparing the two interfaces, I found that many were happy with Audiofire 4 just like the other. Why waste the money? I was really happy to find the Audiofire 4 for under $275 online, which is way less than I was expecting to pay after knowing its retail of $369.

So far, I am super happy with my decision to get this firewire recording interface. I have used it both in my home sutdio and on the road, and have had zero issues with it thus far, which is a far cry from my old interface that kept giving me “pops” every 5 seconds.

Here is a summary of the goods that the audiofire 4 has to offer:
(I pulled this directly from the webiste, if you want even more information)

  • 2 Universal, 2 analog, and 4 balanced inputs
  • FireWire (IEEE 1394a) interface with 8′ cable
  • Bus powered with 6-pin FireWire interface
  • Includes a Software console for monitoring, metering, and setting levels
  • Low-latency drivers
  • Supports all major Pro AUdio Software

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