When it comes to marketing music, I find that people are just afraid sometimes to step outside of the box. I have to be honest I think it is a little ridiculous that people don’t even take the time to really get creative and think about what would really interest their customers. When I talk about customers and the terms of music I’m talking about the listeners, you have to think about the people that you’re sending your music out to what other personality types, what are they interested, and most importantly what would make them laugh.

I recently saw a marketing campaign for old spice deodorant. This campaign was based around a guy in a towel who seemingly looked like a perfect male model (for sex appeal, I assume), and spent three days making YouTube videos for people answering questions on anything do with old spice. The first thing the old spice did was to advertise this person on TV and tell them to go onto YouTube, Facebook, or twitter, and asked the old spice guy any question that he had to do with old spice. It had a major effect on how well the mark the product was marketed.

This concept took the advertising world by storm. All kinds of different corporations were looking into the fact that this campaign that old spice put on Over 5.2 million views in less than three days. Think about that for a second… 5.2 million visitors in three days. If you divide that by three you’re looking at almost 1.7 million people per day  looking at these responses from the old spice guy. This is reaching a lot of people in a lot of different ways definitely a successful marketing campaign.

Now let’s get back to the concept of music… What have you just learn from the old spice did with their marketing campaign? They have taken a rather boring product that would be hard to market to people and got millions of people to focus on their product for an extended period of time. Think about how you could do use the same concept in marketing the music that you’re creating or marketing the artist that your recording.

You could partner up with a small business or you could partner up with any kind of media outlet can start to create a buzz about your music. You can show quick samples of the music with the media format then start than using the power of social networking answer questions just like the old spice did, only you would do it as a band or music producer.

Thinking outside the box can be a really powerful thing in breaking away from the traditional forms of marketing or promoting yourself and just trying something new can have really powerful effects. Hell, they can even take you viral on the Internet.

Bet you didn’t think you would learn a lot from you will spice guy,huh?

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  1. TK Goforth April 26, 2011 at 8:49 pm

    That Old Spice Guy sure did the get the play time, huh? I was just telling my son the other night that he needed to learn how to think outside of the box. Sometimes it’s rather shocking, because people are such creatures of habit, but then they realize (as does the person stepping outside that wacky box) how refreshing it is!

    Thanks for the reminder, Wes! Time for me to climb out…


  2. Wes May 2, 2011 at 8:00 am


    How is your site going? Well I hope! Sometimes we have to step back, no matter what we are doing and make sure that we are thinking outside of the box! Sometimes being a risk taker can pay off…and sometimes not. Hope all is well.

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