If you’re done with all the processes of writing, recording, mixing, mastering and replicating and distributing your music, you might think you’re done, but not yet, one important thing is missing to complete the whole process.

It’s not enough that you have created a good music, you need to create a strategy how to get your music to the people who will appreciate it and will spend some money on you. And that’s how your marketing will take place, a search for right people who will be your partner in your music career.

First thing you have to know when it comes to marketing your music is ATTENTION. It is the main thing you should achieve. To get the attention of many people as possible. You need to attract, direct, engage and keep the attention of the potential group of people (who would be your fans) by creating your own creative marketing strategy which describes in detail what you want to achieve, how you plan to achieve it, why you think you can achieve it, which obstacles you face and how much it will cost.

Remember, you can only get your music business success when you have the ability to attract and keep attention on you and your aural offerings.

Be wise

Now, you should now that web plays the central role in your music marketing plan. Knowing that, you should know the basic web skills to execute the internet music marketing you need.

Try to look for music marketing techniques that will help you out, check on articles or books of musician and music marketers. This will give you an overview on how it works for them and analyze how this will also work for you.

Know Your Music and Yourself…

In simple words you have to know how to describe and label your music and this will constitute how others will see and look at your image.

As you go along, you will need this in creating a your musician press kit that you will used in your online and offline publicity. This will help you shape you image in the media.

An attention-grabbing bio and description is a must aside from your images and music samples.

When you’re asked, what does your music like? You must have the right words to describe it,  You may not like to compare your music with existing music. Believe it or not, to get people to listen to music online though is all in the description.

So, things get easier once you have your image, bio and description crystal clear. You’ll then only update it as you go along.

Know Your Finances…

This is business and you should know that there’s no much free in this field and this one matters a lot to your career.

First you have to picture out what’s your current financial situation and then decide how much do you have set aside for marketing your music and music marketing plan objectives? By doing this you will not end up short of marketing money when you need it most.

Know Your Potential Tribe Member…

Knowing your potential tribe member is advantageous in a way that you will be able to plan your entire music marketing plan more economical and effective when you know whose attention you want to attract.  Reality is, you can’t please everyone, so don’t get far wasting money on marketing to everybody. You have to identify who are most likely to become members of your tribe.

Who are they? Where are they? What do they like? Where do they go? What do they like to buy? How much do they earn and how much do they spend? What excites them? What do they want? Keep on asking…

It is important that you’ll focus your marketing efforts where they count and work best.

Discover Your Music Marketing Options…

If you start searching, you will find numerous kinds and types of marketing companies and services for independent music artists like you. They offer services to put up promotion sites, independent music podcasts and radio, social network sites and the host of other services for you. Countless ways and it’s mind blowing.

So take time to research and decide which companies, sites and services you will include in your marketing strategy which also needs to depend on factors which include your budget, your target audience and the amount of time you have available for marketing.

My tip is that you stick to most effective companies which will get done what you want done and help you achieve your music marketing objectives.

Decide On Your Strategy…

You now have all the information about marketing options you what you need now it to decide what is to be included and what is to be disregarded.

Remember, consider all marketing avenues that will lead back to your own web site which you’ll place at the center of your marketing strategy. Next, is to decide on the companies and services you’ll use as part of your strategy, choose the best combination that will be the most effective. Sketch your strategy out on a large piece of paper to ensure you have clear how it all will work together.

Create Your DIY Music Marketing Plan…

Now it is up to you, which style you will adopt, as an advice put your marketing plan to paper.

You can use for example the music marketing plan structure below…

* Description of You and Your Music (Product Description)

* Your Main Goals and Objectives

* Your Marketing Budget

* Your Tribe (Target Market)

* Your Market Section

* Your Competition

* Your Opportunities

* Your Obstacles

* Your Strategy

Your marketing plan is your map to your success , stay focused and directed by your plans. Be open to improvements as you progress with your plan, adjust where you must, and then get back to your plan.

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  1. Gary Young China Sourcing July 2, 2011 at 11:29 pm


    Very detailed and complete article. Thanks for the information and good read. Take care.

  2. Steve Shoemaker July 11, 2011 at 6:20 pm

    Well definitely not my niche one common ground we have is marketing and branding and how important that is. I think you offer some very solid solutions that can be applied in other niches as well. Great job.


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