Yaaaaayaahh!!! Crunk is also known as crazy and drunk combined together. Therefore crunk beats is a formation of beats that make can make you get hyphy and ready to party! Nowadays crunk music has grown drastically from Ice T to Lil Jon. It originated from the Dirty South. What better way to make music then to make upbeat out of control crunk beats!

Lil Jon is known for his outrageous crunk style. His beats are so off the wall and entertaining. Hes produced crunk beats for Lil Jon & The Eastside Boyz all the way to Pitbull. Trillville has also made his way to the top with his window breaking beats. Also, Lil wayne as we all know is said to be one of the greatest artists ever to come up. Known for his straight up, hard, in your face beats that can inspire you just from listening to them. Ying Yang twins have their body shaking upbeat music from “salt shaker” to “bad”. T.i. Is also a pioneer to crunk beats and music. Many great artists and producers all that share a passion for that crunk sensation and purpose to make those beats!

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On knowing how to make crunk beats people mostly use a deep bassline, a drum machine rhythm, and loud shouting vocals to get the song pumping and crazylike. The main thing to realize is to have that “musical ear”. Whatever loop or bass you may put together make sure its got hyphyness to it that will make you want to get up and start dancing! Make sure you have a good bass beat structure as well. The best way to make a crunk beat is to choose the right kind of instrumentals. Samples, synths, etc… are a great way to make that beat sound more crunk than ever and you’ll be ready to bump that in the club, car, or anywhere!!

There are many programs out there for learning how to make beats. Most people use Protools. [Read instructions if you’ve purchased it]. The best thing to understand is where you stand at your level and expertise. Programs can become well overpriced such as Protools.Sonic Producer is a lower priced program that works great. The best way to find a program that fits you best is to see how dedicated you are and the basic necessary instrumentals that will keep your beat insane and out of this world! Don’t go wasting your money on fancy programs when you know all the same items you’ll need can be in a more generic program that can do the job just as well as those higher priced ones!

Crunk music that have those insane beats are the best way to get the party started. The energy given off by them and the way they can liven a whole party or let alone a club makes you want to just go back to your studio and create more music. Crunk beats will always have a definite place here in society and definitely won’t ever fade away.You’ll be hearing more crunk beats go crazier as the years go by so jump on the wagon and start creating those beats!!

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