You’re a music lover and you want to pursue studies at a music school. You’re on hunt of which among the numerous colleges and universities offering music industry related degrees will you choose from. But among these schools, what’s really challenging to find a good one that will prepare you for what it will actually be like to work in the field of music because others just have the word “music” in the degree title but doesn’t really give what is expected upon finishing it.

To be sure that you can find the right music degree that will help you in the future, ask yourselves the following questions.

What Do You Want to Do?

Keep in mind which part of music industry you would like to work on in the future because this will guide you to choose your school. Definitely, you shouldn’t go to a music school that doesn’t offer courses related to your chosen field. For instance, you will not go to a medical school if you want to be a lawyer. By doing this, you will be sure that your school will give you the tools that will equip you in your future career.

What are the Core Courses in the Degree Program?

To find out this out, you try to examine deeply the courses in your chosen degree program to discover if the school offers industry degree in name only, or if you will be learning things that are music business specific. It should have more music related courses than the general course about business legal issues. On the other hand, learning fundamentals is a necessity but it’s advantageous to get the core courses on how the music world really goes around.

Who is teaching the Course?

It has been said that experience taught us best things in life. So the best people to teach about music industry are the people who have been there for years, those who were trained and equipped by years of experience. Checking the profiles of the faculty is another must. If most of the potential professors appeared to have more business experience than actual MUSIC business experience, most likely, you will not get the knowledge you will need. Besides, professors who have been in the business will be in a position to help you locate a job after graduation.

Are There Internship Opportunities?

Regardless of having a music degree, music businesses are looking for some experience when you apply to have work with them. So pay close attention to schools who give good internship opportunities. If the school you’re considering do arrange internships for their students, this is a good school and worth your time. Check how they send their previous students on actual hands on work. 



Do They Offer Job Placement Assistance?

As said earlier, there’s no guarantee that you will get a job right away if you’re a music degree holder. In this case, you should choose a school knows a lot of people or someones who will be interested in employing graduates from your program. Check if the school has a good record of placing students in music employment after graduation.

What are the Alumni Doing Now?

You may have to search for success stories of the previous graduates of the school you’re up to. Are they employed in the music field? Are there any alumni associations helping out fresh graduates to land their jobs? This is a good way to measure how effective they are. Track down the graduates of their music degrees was equipped in their present career.

Which School is Right for You?

There are lots of schools, but here is a short list you may want to consider in earning your music degree. Check out their profiles and see if any fits your preference and standards:

  • Berklee College of Music
  • Columbia College Chicago
  • NYU Steinhardt Department of Music
  • Ferris State University Music Management Degree

University of Heryforshire Music Management Degree

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  1. Mary March 31, 2011 at 2:47 am

    Thanks for these tips 🙂 I will be checking the profiles of music schools to narrow down my selection before I apply to a music school.
    I love your suggestion to also pay close attention to schools who give good internship opportunities. This is golden and I think many people don’t think about the internship after the school. Good article!

  2. James April 1, 2011 at 9:09 am

    I know of so many college applicants that never even look at the full curriculum that they’ll be studying and then drop out after a month of two because it wasn’t what they expected. It’s absurd! This article should be force fed to all students applying to college not just music students.

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