In simple sense, Brainworx bx_shredspread is a stereo enhancer plug-in, with additional features aimed at guitar processing.

Each knob’s function is activated by the labelled button above it.

The two basic controls are Shred and Spread. The Mono Maker function converts the signal below the specified frequency threshold to mono – that is, it ‘monoises’ the bass frequencies.

The Gain control is an overall volume knob. Finally, there’s a decent undo/redo system and four memory slots for comparing settings.

While bx_shredspread does what it claims, the tech-savvy will realise that its enhancements can be replicated with any half-decent mid/side EQ and a basic stereo expander plug-in. Mono Maker is equivalent to a high-pass on the side channel, Spread is standard stereo width expansion (ie, adjusting the level of the side channel), while Shred seems to be a broad shelving EQ.

The only ‘unique’ part is Auto Pan although you could move mono guitar parts to a ‘dry’ track for much the same effect. bx_shredspread more interesting on lead guitars and stereo guitar effect passages.

Brainworx bx_shredspread is overpriced for what is basically a box of bog-standard mid/side EQ tricks in a guitarist-friendly interface.

It can be recommended as a convenient plug-in for novices if it had a price tag to match, but it’s got a pro price tag and a pro would know to use stock plug-ins to get the same results.

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