Are you ready to face a mountain of difficulties? Just like becoming a doctor or a lawyer, becoming a music producer is very tough. The only thing that separates the three professions is passion. It is rare to come across a person who is passionate about being a doctor or a lawyer. Music production is different. On the contrary, it is difficult and rare to come across a person, pursuing music production, who is not passionate about it.

In essence, a music producer is the heart and soul of every piece of music that is recorded. With an array of responsibilities to take care, a lot of skill and talent is required to become a music producer. This, as mentioned earlier, is not easy and can take a long period of time. This article will shed light on the basic but important things to be done to become a music producer.

Ready to become a music producer and start recording music?

A music producer has a lot of duties to fulfill. Firstly he must know everything like the best MIDI keyboard controllers to get the right mix and create a symphony with his team to writing the material, dealing with technical aspects; such as mixing and master, and making the artist work at maximum potential. This should give you an idea of how many different things you need to know.

You should first aim at learning how to play different instruments. Understand the different sounds. Any musical track has a collection of instruments being played at any time. You should know how to create harmony between these instruments. First hand experience is vital.  Learn to play versatile instruments such as the guitar and piano. You can build on from there to become a music producer.

It is essential that you know the theoretical aspects of music. You should read as many books and articles as possible to make you theoretically sound. This can help you solve the problem of things not sound right and make effective changes.

Listen to every track that you come across.  Be it rock, hip, jazz or classical. It is important for you to tune your ear. While you listen, breakdown the different aspects of the song. Pay attention to the individuality of different instruments how they come together to make a track sound great. Remember there is no perfect formula for coming up with a hit track but just some basic aspects that should be followed. Pick these tips up from your favorite tracks.

Try and get an internship at a studio or recording company. This will help you learn how to put all the theoretical parts that you read about, into practice. Plus you can also pick up some tips from the pros. They go a long way.

Next step is: Set up your own studio if you have big bank account or get a music production software if you are like me. These software have become so sophisticated that you will not really feel any different from what happens in a studio. Check out different softwares. Read product reviews. You don’t want to spend money, so what if little, on a garbage software. A personal recommendation is Sonic Producer. A simple user interface did the trick for me. Apart form Sonic Producer, you may also want to check out Beats 365 and Music Producer Pro. All friendly to my pocket.

Now try and find people who may be interested. You may produce a few samples with friends just to show what you are capable of. Also offer cheaper services. It’s ok to go easy at the start. These steps are important to become a music producer. Once you have a little publicity, you can gradually increase your charges. Have a website of yourself, register with social networking sites, write blogs and give out cards just so that you get know.

Remember, you need to be passionate and perseverance to become a music producer. The start may be difficult but do not lose sight of your destination.

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  1. Grevis November 13, 2011 at 9:39 pm

    Am a upcoming producer specialising in synthpop and draw much of my inspiration from fernando garibay and want to know how hard should l go to be a hit maker with only fl studio and no liue instruments

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