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Beats are the glue that hold every other aspect of a song or track together. Having the right beats means half the job done. But does making the right beat mean a cost of several thousand dollars, recruiting a producer, an engineer and so on? Not anymore! Now you can make sick beats from home. All you need is a comfortable couch, an average computer and the right beat making software. There are numerous beat making software available out there. I will review the latest one that I have tried.

Beats 365 has been tagged “a complete beat production software” by the makers of it. I will highlight all major points in an attempt to analyze how much weight the statement holds. Before I move on, I would like to tell you that I have made every effort to be as objective as possible.

When I was going through the purchasing procedure of Beats 365, I was not really sure of whether I had made the right decision to fore go numerous other beat makers. There was a never ending debate in my mind. After spending sometime pondering over what should be done, I finally got the software. With an experience of two and a half months, I will present to you both the pros and the cons that I came across in this period of time. I will start with the plus points first.

Whether you are a beginner or a been-there done-that, starting out with new software is mind straining challenge a lot of times. But this was not so in the case of Beats 365. The first time when this beat maker ran on my computer, my eyes uncontrollably scanned all corners of the screen as I asked myself “where should I start? Where should I start?” But within a matter of an hour, I was using the program like I have had it for ten years. Seriously, the user interface is very easy to understand. Every option is laid out in a logical and concise manner.

The second impressive aspect was the availability of at least a hundred thousand and further updated number of pre built beats. This helped me when I was out of ideas. Production of a beat, from the idea to the execution, can be tough at times. This huge collection made that easier for me.

The Pros:
Beats 365 supports as many as 39 genres of music. Since it is not only hip hop and rap that I work with, this was a big plus. This also gave me a further exposure of the genres that I had not heard much about.

Beats 365 also comes with an array of tutorials that can help amateurs. These tutorials, to my knowledge, covered all topics from A to Z. The language used is also not technical which aids in clearer understanding of the concepts of beat making.

This software was also pocket friendly. If I was allowed to use Beats 365 first and then pay a price according to my judgment, I would paid a minimum of four times the price that I have actually paid for.

The Cons:
On the negative side, your computer would need some hardware upgrade to fully utilize the features offered by Beats 365. You need at least 512 Megabytes of and 2 GHz of processing power. With machines as old and dusty as mine was, a few extra bucks had to be spent.

The Final Word:
Overall, I would especially recommend Beats 365 who are looking for specific beats or are looking to expand their horizons. My rating would be four starts out of five. Please remember that this is my judgment. Yours may differ. You may want to check out other reviews too. I hope this has proven helpful in your attempt to find the best beat maker!

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