A Beat CD or formerly known as Beat Tape is a must for aspiring beat-makers. Beat CD are their musical portfolio where one’s composition and production can be examine. There are many elements required to have an effective Beat CD but this article focuses only to the choruses and intros on beats and their effects to the Beat CD.

Chorus or Hooks has two ways to work in a beat. Either Insert it at the beginning of the beat or place them after the ending of each section. The chorus is a major part of the “point” of the beat or the song. It is where most of the real meaning or the intention is. As to the “point” is it the central theme, idea or concept, even the structure of the song. The chorus is one element of the beat worth adding for your Beat CD.

An intro is not really a part of the “point”, unlike the chorus. As the word “intro” means it is there to merely introduce the song or the “point” of the song. It is nice add-ons for beats for songs but as to beat songs that would be debatable.

The beat you put into your Beat CD should lead to the “point” quickly as possible. It is important that the “point” of the beat if quickly reflected on your Beat CD the moment it is played because most music industries do not have enough time to shift to the last minute of your beat because they have thousands of submission to choose from. So in order for your Beat CD to be heard be straight with your beat from the beginning.

Indeed, from that moment when an A&R or rapper first hits play, there is a count down to skipping ahead to the next song, if not trashing the beat CD altogether. Of course, the more notoriety and recognition a beatmaker has, the longer this count down will last. Likewise, the less recognition that a beatmaker has, well, then the shorter this countdown will be.

Intros on the beat can have a bad effect for your Beat CD. It can slow down your beat. It is the last thing you want that people will have the impression on your beat as long and dragging. That impression will stop them from going through the whole beat. And if a recording artist, A&R, or other music industry insider doesn’t go deeper into your beat CD, chances are, they won’t be interested in tapping one of your beats for a placement.

Bottomline, Choruses are a great when they are placed in a very interesting manner and where it is applicable, while intros can be damaging more than being a help because putting an intro to a beat that does not have rhyme or lyrics  cannot establish anything, wait until the song is finish then you could put an into it.

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