If you have good music, what you want is to record it on your computer. Easy as it may seem, but finding a perfect application is another thing to consider. Numerous applications are readily available online, you have a lot of choices but to tell you a lot of users end up frustrated.

Common reason is that not all software is specialized to the required recording for your instrument.  For instance, connecting your guitar to the computer though looks simple but you need right software to make it work. Many softwares are commercial.  You have to purchase it unless you buy a Mac that comes preinstalled with Garageband.

But less people know that there is this one program that most of the options that beginners need to record and create their own music on the computer. Maybe some companies don’t want us to know.

It is called Audacity and let’s analyze and discover how this one works!

Working with Audacity

Simple as plug, play and record, Audacity is free software created to make recording so much fun and easy. All you have to do is to start the program, plug your instrument and record all day if you wish to.

They also made it easy for you to find and download it, just check their website. Lucky enough because they give updates on their versions at a regular basis which includes latest features and bug fixes.

Upon opening the program, you can see the interface and notice that it shows windows with several tracks representing an independent sequence that can be recorded from your microphone. If you wish to record your song with a guitar, bass and drums, you have to record it in separate channels so you can make individual modifications to each track. By simply clicking “record” button you can create a track and record to that track in sequence as you do that repeatedly, you  can have numbers of tracks. It also shows the wave form of your recordings so that you can easily see the silence patterns of the song.

How to edit sounds

With powerful tools and simple and effective effects, editing with Audacity is cool. It has selection tool that select any part of the record and also allows you to copy from other tracks, repeat or loop them, delete and add effects that suits your music.

Available effects allow transformations such as amplify, echo, fade in and compressor- standard effects for guitar players but if you want to apply effects to human voice and other instruments they are also available. To sum it up, Audacity is a total package of easy to use recording software that can be used on PC or Mac. Very simple, loads fast and effective.

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